Thing he told me that I will never forget

Things he told me that I know I will never forget
Here are things I forgot to mention that he has said:
– I’ve wasted my time in college. I’ve wasted all my time in college.

  • My parents never taught me how to clean.

  • I never listened to him.

  • I’m too busy. I never make time for him and my babies.

  • I’m always speaking with Liliana and Susan.

  • I spend too much money.

  • He told me to learn how to live with acne.

  • If he’s playing video games, he tells me that he’s stressed.

I can’t do the same thing. I can’t rest because I’m not the one who’s working. He tells me that at least he works for a living. 
I know myself that once I start working though, I’ll never look back.