Thing he told me that I will never forget

Things he told me that I know I will never forget
Here are things I forgot to mention that he has said:
– I’ve wasted my time in college. I’ve wasted all my time in college.

  • My parents never taught me how to clean.

  • I never listened to him.

  • I’m too busy. I never make time for him and my babies.

  • I’m always speaking with Liliana and Susan.

  • I spend too much money.

  • He told me to learn how to live with acne.

  • If he’s playing video games, he tells me that he’s stressed.

I can’t do the same thing. I can’t rest because I’m not the one who’s working. He tells me that at least he works for a living. 
I know myself that once I start working though, I’ll never look back.


Some Marriage This Is


How am I doing today? I’m doing great! How? Well, I’m fixing my room and everything seems to go well. Yes, my room is still a mess, although it’s turning out the way I planned. I plan to move his dresser to the living room, but with this nasty temper of his, it just seems really hard for me without getting real pissed. 

He sure is very dark, sadistic, and evil. It’s hard to believe that he knows so much of the Church. he doesn’t practice it, I take it. He doesn’t practice Christian morals. He’s part of the generation now that listens to a lot of hiphop – which contains a lot of cuss words – and prefers to be on his phone. He’s always on his phone! Wow. He’s really not mature as I’ve thought. 

He doesn’t know his priorities.

He’s awfully selfish.

He has a really bad temper.

If you try to communicate what your problems are to him, he’ll be really defensive about it. He’ll just get even more mad and you won’t get anywhere. You’ll just be digging yourself a bigger hole. 

Lesson Learned:

  • Just because someone is willing to sacrifice everything for you, doesn’t mean that they’re going to be a responsible person. This does not mean that they’re going to treat you right.