Relaxing App


This app helps me relax whenever I have anxiety episodes. 

You should get it if you feel stressed on most days. 


Husband Support

I have bipolar II and I’m depressed about it. 

Today I finally got a chance to laugh and smile due to watching “Big Bang Theory” with my husband. While I laughed he said,

Can you stop laughing so obnoxiously? Stop being so loud!!!

Can you laugh quietly?

He told me this multiple times as I laughed multiple times watching the show. Apparently, he didn’t enjoy what we were watching. 

It was past ten, and we had neighbors. What he said is understandable. Be a good neighbor by not making too much noise.

Would that rule still apply even if I feel bad each day because I’m depressed, I’m gaining weight, and I feel that my life’s going to end when there is silence in the room?

I cry. 


You know the hardest thing about starting a business?
Fucking everything.
You need to do everything yourself! What kind of paperwork you need, where to get the funds, how to obtain customers and make them happy, how to do accounting, how to find a location…
I did not think of all these things.
I started with a passion.

I can’t handle being bossed around because I feel like I know more than my supervisor, whoever they are at that time I was employed.
The reason why I think this is because this is my 5th year in college and I have switched majors left and right making me well-rounded.

Anyways, it is said that you will lose a lot of money at the beginning. Most people go with it because they have a plan. They had the money for a business advisor to tell them about it. I don’t and I never did.
I started with guesses. I started with wasting my money. Nobody tells you that you have a horrible business idea, because anything can happen.
Well behold. Something happened alright.
I lost some money.
But you know what? I keep trying to think of the bright side.
The bright side is that all the money I spent was not wasted. I invested in experience, which is something you can never buy at school.
I’ve done experiments without using other peoples’ property but rather mine.
I’ve lost a lot, but heck, I didn’t lose any clients. I didn’t create a relationship that I will ponder on for the rest of my life.
I didn’t affect others, and I didn’t spread negativity.
That’s what matters, right?

Old Flames

Today I write because I don’t know what to write.
Today I write because I’m too tired to write for other people.
Today I write because I just want to write.
You know, I used to have this blog a long time ago. I wrote about my adventures, my thoughts, and my soul.
Good or bad, they were all there.
Happy or sad, they were all there.
Public or private… they were all there.
I realized that I had to lose it when my exes started searching for me online.
Many of them found my blog. Many of them found my soul.
I couldn’t erase it. Many of my words have been a part of history forever. Erasing it would only prevent the wandering eyes of the future. Erasing it would not change the wandering eyes of the past.
Do you think they would remember? Of course they would. One of my exes said I was the only one he dated in our workspace. Another said that I was his first one night stand. The last said that I’m the first girl who took her virginity away.
How would they not remember?
Maybe that’s why I broke up with each one of them.
Maybe they read the specific post I wrote about them.
Maybe that’s why the flames of our candle were blown away.


All of us have our own problems. Often times we think:

Why me?

What did I do to deserve this?


It’s too hard.

We can get stressed at whatever life brings us. Everybody is struggling everyday.

Being stressed doesn’t mean that you have an excuse to be a bitch to anyone.

Each one of us has our own problems.

But you know what? One person told me,

Don’t worry about it so much. There are other people out there who have heavier problems than you.  There are people who struggle more than you do. To them, your problems are so tiny that it’s not even worth complaining about.

I forgot who told me that, but maybe it’s my grandmother. She always told me that I should pray.

Besides, God would’ve not assigned you that problem if you couldn’t handle it in the first place.

This is a reponse to a Writing Prompt: Tiny published on the DailyPost.