I hope you don’t mind that I start talking about Organic Chemistry.

Aromaticity is a molecule that is ring-shaped and flat. It is very stable compared to other compounds.

Sadly, I dropped that class.


Old Flames

Today I write because I don’t know what to write.
Today I write because I’m too tired to write for other people.
Today I write because I just want to write.
You know, I used to have this blog a long time ago. I wrote about my adventures, my thoughts, and my soul.
Good or bad, they were all there.
Happy or sad, they were all there.
Public or private… they were all there.
I realized that I had to lose it when my exes started searching for me online.
Many of them found my blog. Many of them found my soul.
I couldn’t erase it. Many of my words have been a part of history forever. Erasing it would only prevent the wandering eyes of the future. Erasing it would not change the wandering eyes of the past.
Do you think they would remember? Of course they would. One of my exes said I was the only one he dated in our workspace. Another said that I was his first one night stand. The last said that I’m the first girl who took her virginity away.
How would they not remember?
Maybe that’s why I broke up with each one of them.
Maybe they read the specific post I wrote about them.
Maybe that’s why the flames of our candle were blown away.


All of us have our own problems. Often times we think:

Why me?

What did I do to deserve this?


It’s too hard.

We can get stressed at whatever life brings us. Everybody is struggling everyday.

Being stressed doesn’t mean that you have an excuse to be a bitch to anyone.

Each one of us has our own problems.

But you know what? One person told me,

Don’t worry about it so much. There are other people out there who have heavier problems than you.  There are people who struggle more than you do. To them, your problems are so tiny that it’s not even worth complaining about.

I forgot who told me that, but maybe it’s my grandmother. She always told me that I should pray.

Besides, God would’ve not assigned you that problem if you couldn’t handle it in the first place.

This is a reponse to a Writing Prompt: Tiny published on the DailyPost.

I suck at Tree Prompts.

Trees… Trees…

What can I possibly write about trees?

The only reason why I’m writing this is because I received five likes on my previous post without doing any marketing. Ha ha!

You see, I do digital marketing. I make a living out of digital marketing. And the way digital marketing works is that you spread something and you expected it to spread like fire. Dang it, I could not squeeze the word tree in that precious sentence either.

Why? Yes it’s late. That’s the only thing I could think of as far as this post goes.

Although I have one last question:

How do trees access the internet?

They LOG on.

Hopefully that last one is good enough.

I love puns.


Mixtape Masterpiece

I decided to create a delve site to show my new friend who I am.

There will be pretty music and photos to go along with it. I’m not a big fan of narcissism, so i decided to use stock images instead. Here is a sample of all the songs I included:

The first time I got my heartbroken.

Jojo – Fly Away

The first time I had passionate love

Twista – Wetter (Music Video)

I felt relief and love

Twista ft Faith Evans – Hope (HQ)

A Test

This is a test.

This is definitely a test.

Not only am I writing because I’m testing myself if I can write, but I’m also testing this writer app that I haven’t used for a long time. I’m just typing and typing. I don’t even know what I’m typing about.
My husband called me a little while ago.


“Five minutes!” I screamed back.

This is a test about how much I am able to type in five minutes. I figured that I need to try and see if I can still write, even though I’m writing about nonsense awhile ago.

Hang on! Let’s talk about what else I tested.

I tested the rideshare feature on Uber and lyft. I checked lyft, and it said that a lyft driver would be able to pick me up in 12 minutes. I had to freaking wait for 12 minutes! That’s truly ridiculous. Skipping…

I checked Uber, and it says that someone will be able to pick me up in 3 minutes. That’s better.

When I put Uber and Lyft together so I can see the difference in prices, my eyes widen in shock. The fee Uber was giving me was a little less than eight dollars while lyft was asking me for 23 dollars! This was the ride a share feature, ok! The rideshare feature where I get to share a ride with some stranger, ok! Lyft, why the hell are you charging me such a high rate?!

I wasn’t sure who I was going to ride with. But considering the time it took for me to get there and how busy people are, there wasn’t really anyone to ride with.

Wait! That’s it.

No one will share a ride with you during peak hours because everyone knows that it’s traffic! That is why Uber charged me a hella flat fee! Isn’t that amazing?

At least now I know the best time to use those apps.

Anyways, I can finally say that I’m happy with Uber! What do you think?

Test Prompt from

Past 4 Years of My Life

The past four years of my life I had to deal with your shit. I could never finish what I intended to do every night. Because of this, I got held back in school, failed classes, and got mental disorders.

We fought every night and I can’t reason out with you.

I used to clean up for you for the first 12 months when we moved in together. You left your belongings everywhere and you would only clean on Saturdays. Why would you dedicate your Saturdays to cleaning? Clean as you go, idiot. Maybe you’ll look forward to your Saturdays.

Fast forward to today. Complains are still what fills the air at home because I don’t clean. I don’t clean because you never cleaned. Well, maybe you should analyze the different types and reasons of your messes.

Here are things that tick me off:

Tama66 / Pixabay


Leaving your dirty clothes on the floor


You’re busy, or in a rush.

Okay, I expect you to clean it up when you come back. Do you?

Cooking and leaving plastic wrappers, used knives on the chopping board, frozen butter near the stove, and freshly cooked rich in the rice cooker


You sure are inattentive; you must be in a hurry, or not paying attention.

You’re watching youtube videos again.

It’s like taking a dump and not flushing. I see orange juice and fish oil on the chopping board. Who the hell does that? Do you expect me to flush for you?!

Leaving your clean clothing on the couch

What happened to your dresser? Are there other things taking up that space? Or is it empty and you’re just too lazy to put your clothes back?

I can no longer use my couch. You dedicated it as your second dresser.

No, I don’t take up the whole walk-in closet. You just need to learn how to budget and buy yourself some organizers.

No, I didn’t spend all your money. With all the extravagant things you like to buy and your unforgivable ways to live life, you did that all by yourself. Even when I wasn’t in the picture, you were in debt already.

Leaving our home messy while I see you panicking while answering your homework that’s due in a couple of hours

It seems as if you have time management issues. How can you tell me how to beat procrastination if you’re a fucking hypocrite and can’t even manage time with your family?

Once lazy, always lazy


This year, you’re telling me that you can’t change because I’m executing your old habits. What, you need a model now in order for you to change? You need a guide? You need someone to look up to? Grow up, faggot. You are about to turn 28 and you still need a role model?

Do you know why I don’t trust you?


Do you know why I won’t ever change until you’ve proven to me that you change first?

Ever since I knew you, you were already a liar.

I have proven many times that no one will ever believe you if you continue to be that way.

Will you ever gain people’s trust?


Many times people who have repeatedly broken the same promise, when you try to discuss it with them, will say “You always bring up the past.” Well, yea! When someone continually lies, breaks promises, or agreements, and then you point this out and they become belligerent at you “bringing up the past” has obviously not truly repented of what they did and then repeated.


The solution for a happy ending


You’re going to have to find that out by yourself. You’re smart but like a child, you lack discipline. You’re a slave to your emotions. You curse as a result.

Maybe you need to figure yourself out. I know I’m not perfect either, but I know how I am.

You, however, do not.

Panic at the Disco!

Panic is the prompt for today. Well, it was for yesterday.

I was panicking, though. I was panicking because i could not find my grandfather’s photo. I took a photo of him the night before we left the Philippines. It was a very sad moment because a couple of months later, he died. I’ll write about that another day.

Nah, of course I wouldn’t call it a disco. I simply couldn’t think of a title for this post and that is why it is what it is.

I’m migrating my posts from Blogger. I’ll get in touch soon.