A tear and the saucepan

Yesterday, I offered to pay for my portion of the groceries when we went to Walmart. He always paid for the groceries. He does this because he makes more. But yesterday, he didn’t say anything. The stuff that I bought were the regular stuff that him and I share. Well, I guess not entirely. He ask a little bit of what I have, but it’s no big deal.

Today, I didn’t have any oatmeal so I decided to cook some. As I go to the kitchen I notice that he hasn’t cleaned the saucepan that he used 4 days ago. I texted him asking if he could clean it, and immediately, he rose and went to the kitchen and cleaned it. 
Mind you, he was wearing his boxers. He had just woken up, and right then and there, he cleaned the saucepan for me. 
I was surprised because he ususally doesn’t take my requests as a priority at all. He usually just brushes them aside until I end up getting irritated and cleaning the darn thing myself or I bug him too much about it that we end up fighting again. The fights he starts are mainly arguements we’ve had in the past. The ones that I thought we’ve already resolved. 

I continued to clean, and when I passed him, I noticed that he was sniffing his nose. I guess he was crying. He was sobbing a little bit. I don’t know why he was sobbing, it’s not like I asked him to clean the saucepan right away, as you can see in the text I sent him. 
I stopped cleaning just to write this. I had to type it just in case I’d forget. 


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