You know the hardest thing about starting a business?
Fucking everything.
You need to do everything yourself! What kind of paperwork you need, where to get the funds, how to obtain customers and make them happy, how to do accounting, how to find a location…
I did not think of all these things.
I started with a passion.

I can’t handle being bossed around because I feel like I know more than my supervisor, whoever they are at that time I was employed.
The reason why I think this is because this is my 5th year in college and I have switched majors left and right making me well-rounded.

Anyways, it is said that you will lose a lot of money at the beginning. Most people go with it because they have a plan. They had the money for a business advisor to tell them about it. I don’t and I never did.
I started with guesses. I started with wasting my money. Nobody tells you that you have a horrible business idea, because anything can happen.
Well behold. Something happened alright.
I lost some money.
But you know what? I keep trying to think of the bright side.
The bright side is that all the money I spent was not wasted. I invested in experience, which is something you can never buy at school.
I’ve done experiments without using other peoples’ property but rather mine.
I’ve lost a lot, but heck, I didn’t lose any clients. I didn’t create a relationship that I will ponder on for the rest of my life.
I didn’t affect others, and I didn’t spread negativity.
That’s what matters, right?


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I write about real things that have happened. Read my blog and you'll be a witness of my testimony.

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