A Test

This is a test.

This is definitely a test.

Not only am I writing because I’m testing myself if I can write, but I’m also testing this writer app that I haven’t used for a long time. I’m just typing and typing. I don’t even know what I’m typing about.
My husband called me a little while ago.


“Five minutes!” I screamed back.

This is a test about how much I am able to type in five minutes. I figured that I need to try and see if I can still write, even though I’m writing about nonsense awhile ago.

Hang on! Let’s talk about what else I tested.

I tested the rideshare feature on Uber and lyft. I checked lyft, and it said that a lyft driver would be able to pick me up in 12 minutes. I had to freaking wait for 12 minutes! That’s truly ridiculous. Skipping…

I checked Uber, and it says that someone will be able to pick me up in 3 minutes. That’s better.

When I put Uber and Lyft together so I can see the difference in prices, my eyes widen in shock. The fee Uber was giving me was a little less than eight dollars while lyft was asking me for 23 dollars! This was the ride a share feature, ok! The rideshare feature where I get to share a ride with some stranger, ok! Lyft, why the hell are you charging me such a high rate?!

I wasn’t sure who I was going to ride with. But considering the time it took for me to get there and how busy people are, there wasn’t really anyone to ride with.

Wait! That’s it.

No one will share a ride with you during peak hours because everyone knows that it’s traffic! That is why Uber charged me a hella flat fee! Isn’t that amazing?

At least now I know the best time to use those apps.

Anyways, I can finally say that I’m happy with Uber! What do you think?

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